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Beijing Hongyun Lixin New & High Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Hongyunlixin Hydraulic Equipment Produce Co,.Ltd which is a stock company engaged in exploitation and design and produce and sell.

The company produce, sale the Series of Rexroth’s Hydraulic valve, designing and making nonstandard Hydraulic system, have the business of sets of Hydraulic equipment and annex.

Our Products are widely used in construction machinery, metallurgy, machine tools, presses, shipbuilding, chemical, aerospace, military and other fields, sales in all parts of the country, by the various fields of customer trust and praise.

We Offer the Integrity of customer service in various fields by Lofty pursuit, Diligence operations, Quality-oriented, Realistic and innovative, which are our Philosophy and Core values.

Our idea: Lofty pursuit, Diligence operations, Quality-oriented, Realistic and innovative

Lofty pursuit: The development of an ambitious, the pace of unceasing progress, the pursuit of endless;

Diligence operations: Inheritance Chinese hard-working, hard-working, saving the virtues of frugality home, the diligent and prosperity;

Quality-oriented: Quality is the core product, is the survival of the enterprise, is the top priority of our work;

Realistic and innovative: Innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, we down-to-earth, integration of resources to develop innovative edge.

Our Core values: Customer First, integrity first, people-oriented, forge ahead in unity.

Customer First: Customer is the company's survival and development of economic infrastructure, we have to create for clients and social value;

Integrity for the first: Credibility is their market permits, honest, trustworthy is our responsibility;

People-oriented: Society is composed of individual groups, we advocate the advantages of playing staff, and individual development, social progress;

Forge ahead in unity: Unity is strength, our heartfelt solidarity and concerted efforts to jointly pursue the company's survival and development for the country to enrich the people a strong contribution to the force.




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